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Please email all Media Releases to

or contact the Station Manager on 08 9328 2351

If you are a charitable organisation or a not-for-profit group and planning an event in the general interest of the community, where entry is free to the public, we may be able to assist you promote it. Please email details to with CSA in the subject line; or ring the station office on 9227 5958 during office hours. Please attach an audio file where possible.

The Multicultural Radio & Television Association of Western Australia Inc. is an incorporated body holding the Broadcasting License for "World Radio 6EBA-FM 95.3". We are governed by our Constitution as amended from time to time by the membership.

If you are part of a CaLD ethnic association with 25 or more financial members and are representative of your language in the community, you may apply to the MRTA of WA Inc. to become a Broadcasting member with a view to producing and presenting a radio programs to your community of interest.

Please discuss with our Station Manager on 9328 2351 or email

A broadcasting member of the MRTA of WA Inc. can apply for airtime to broadcast in their language to their community of interest.

In the granting of airtime to communities many factors are considered. Please discuss your needs with the Station Manager on 9328 2351 or email

Like any other community radio station in Australia 6EBA's broadcasting members rely largely on the efforts of their own volunteers to maintain operations. Volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds and volunteer for different reasons. Contact your organisation to become a volunteer.

Volunteers directly involved in presenting radio programs need to be approved by Station Management and once authorised may apply to be a Broadcasting Associate, become registered on the station's database and enrol in the training program. The radio station premises at North Perth is a secure site and private property, therefore only registered authorised members may be granted entry. If you are not directly involved in presenting the radio programs, there are many other ways you can offer assistance to your association and the station. Inactive volunteers are de-registered from time to time.

Volunteers are an invaluable resource to community broadcasting and our primary aim is to encourage and support their contribution. However, it is also recognised that there may be times when a volunteer needs to be counselled, disciplined and perhaps dismissed. If you are from a CaLD background and are interested radio, we would be more than happy to introduce you to one of our member associations who speaks your language. Please contact our Station Manager on 9328 2351 or email

We value the privacy of our volunteers, so if you wish to contact one of the producers on our language programs, the best time to call is when the program is on air. If you email with your enquiry, we will be happy to pass it on to the right person. Please understand we are not able to share personal information.

If you would to like promote your business or boost ticket sales for your function in any of 6EBA's language programs, please contact our Station Manager for rates applicable to radio advertising (sponsorship).

Did you know that 57% of people in an average month listen to community radio such as our station?

For more information contact the Station Manager

What you hear on community radio is governed by the Community Radio Codes of Practice. The Codes of Practice cover matters relating to program content, including local content, news, current affairs, Australian music content, programs for children and the responsibilities associated with broadcasting to the community. Copies of the Codes are available from the Community Broadcasting Association website, or by contacting this station on 08 9227 5958 during office hours. If you have access to the internet, you can download a copy of the Codes in PDF format click here

If you hear something on 6EBA which you believe does not comply with the Broadcasting Codes of Practice, you may make a written complaint.

Click here to download a copy of the complaint form. Anonymous complaints cannot be dealt with.