Deutche Stunde

The Rhein Donau Club broadcasts every Sunday morning from 11 am - 12 midday for the German community of Perth and surrounds.
It started many years ago in the Eighties when the first Moderators transmitted the hour long Program. Then as today, various Volunteers were involved to broadcast the Rhein Donau Club. The club sponsors the program which is also partly subsidised by the Community Broadcasting Foundation.
During our weekly program we play German Volks songs, Classical Musik of composers from all over the World. We talk about German history, culture and musik and play requests for special occassions like the Octoberfest at the Rhein Donau Club with Brassmusik, or at Christmas time we play Carols and Christmas type harmonies.
We present News and Gossip from Home and Abroad and talk about Trents and Happenings in Europe especially in Germany.
The Entertainment program for the RDC for the month is explicitly told as well as Church services made known. Occasionally, we have special Guests on the Show either from Perth or from Overseas and our Listeners seem to enjoy greatly the Interviews and the information we receive through them.
At times we recite Poems from one of our glorious Poets. In general we attempt to keep the German Culture in our Radio Program alive as well as entertain our Listeners and lift their Spirits.

We are known for our program sign off which is - "Dear Listeners and friends, have an interesting week and please try to be happy".



  • Presenters


    Wolfgang Leonhardt

    , Klaus Leonhardt

    Christine Hug

    Marieluise Schmidt

    Bert Engel

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    Sunday 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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