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Radio Melayu Perth (Perth Malay Radio),abbreviated as RMP, is a Malay ethnic community radio program broadcasting from World Radio 6EBA 95.3FM – Perth’s only fulltime ethnic radio station with 700,000 listeners in an average month.

RMP has been operating for more than 25 years, since its first broadcast on 9 December 1990. It is the media arm of Malay Association of Western Australia (MAWA), a non-profit organisation serving the interest of the Malays living in Western Australia.

Updates on the program including community announcement can be found on RMP Facebook page or its website at

RMP broadcasts every Saturday night from 9 to 10.30pm and run by volunteers from the community as follows:


DJ Wan (Convenor/ Producer / Presenter)

Wan Imran (aka DJ Wan) is an oil & gas professional and radio producer/presenter. Originally from Kuala Lumpur, he moved to Brisbane in 2012. His career brought him to Perth the following year. Then he got involved with Radio Melayu from a friend and stuck with it ever since. He now a convenor for the program and also sits in 6EBA World Radio 95.3FM council.

With Western Australian Malay and Islamic communities in mind, he strives to bring in various informative and entertainment values to the broadcast. He is enthusiastic about preserving the Malay heritage in Australia through radio and events in getting the communities together.

When not deejaying, he can sometimes be found on a bicycle during weekends or at the airport as his travel schedule can rival a retired airline pilot. As a person of many interests, he often find himself trying to be a bit of everything but his passion are self-education and travel.

DJ Ran holds masters degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College London in UK, and an MBA (Finance) from University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. He is married with two kids and now lives in a lovely suburb of Myaree, just a short drive from Fremantle


DJ Foz (Producer / Presenter)

Fauzi (aka DJ Foz) is an IT network controller and tour operator. He hails from Shah Alam, a city not far from Kuala Lumpur. He arrived in Perth in 2001 to further his studies at Curtin University. After graduating in 2002, he worked in a computer store and was in sales and onsite support. He became a network controller in 2008 and is responsible for monitoring a GPS network system. He was introduced to the Radio Melayu Perth show after being approached by DJ Ran and has been actively involved as a producer/presenter for the show.

DJ Foz aims to promote the inclusion of the Western Australian Malays into the local community. Furthermore, as Islam is the common religion for Malays, he would like for the Malays to deepen their knowledge of the religion and share this knowledge with others. His vision is for the show to be a point of reference for the local Malays in terms of community events and also assist the local Malay-owned businesses in marketing their products and services.

Besides being a radio presenter, he is passionate about trying out the local halal food restaurants and cafes. His current favourite beverage is Chai Latte and keeps fit by running, cycling and also loves to photograph the Western Australian scenery.

DJ Foz holds a masters degree in E-Commerce from Curtin University and a Marketing degree from MARA University of Technology. He is married with one son and resides 20 minutes away from the city of Perth.

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