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Broadcasting in Tamil on Perth’s World Radio 6EBA 95.3FM
Fridays, from 8.00pm - 11:00pm

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The Masala Café showon Tamil Cholai is a live wire that rocks the airwaves and brings vitality andjoy to its listeners. An up-beat show that captures your interest withdiscussions on a variety of stimulating topics including current affairs,literature, culture, societal values, riddles, movies, and, kollywood gossips. Injected with lots of humour, fun, and musicfrom different eras the conversations on Masala Café will make your eveningexciting, relaxing and enjoyable! Join an energetic and a vibrant Masala Caféteam on Fridays, from 8pm for lots of fun!




About your hosts



Dr Kabilan Krishnasamy

Serving in the radio industry since 1993, Kabilan is one of the founders of Tamil Cholai. Amidst a busy academic life, Kabilan has taken Tamil Cholai to new heights ranging from broadcasting partnerships to creative programming. As the program producer and director, his drive for Tamil Cholai has been his undying passion for the language and culture. Kabilan’s energetic and vibrant presentation styles are a delight that connects him with his listeners ever so easily. So, travel with Kabilan on the airwaves of Tamil Cholai for a pleasurable listening experience!




Ms Shereedevi Vijiyan

The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one's destiny to do, and then do it. - Henry Ford

With an earnest persona and one who loves to bring colours of joy to those around her, Shree is a unique presenter and RJ on Tamil Cholai. Her versatility and exuberance on the airwaves have won her many admirers within a short time frame since her debut on Tamil Cholai. Shree’s experience in the Kollywood film industry and her exuberant knowledge on a range of issues add incredible spice to the lively conversations on Tamil Cholai. Shree’s innovative “Kundakka Mandakka” (brain teasers) and lively entertainment segments have been most captivating. With her entry into the circle, Shree has since brought forth a trend of incandescence into the airwaves, radiating from within her own brand of charm and elegance.



Mr Paul Bangar

My association with Tamil Radio is and will always be an exciting relationship. Serving the Tamil community via radio broadcast gives me great pleasures and opportunities to network. My first involvement in broadcast was through Tamil Oli in 1997 and later continued with Tamil Cholai, following the merging of the two programs. My passions in broadcasting led to my appointment as the Vice-President of 6EBA managing wider multilingual broadcasting interests. Nevertheless, I still will always be a RJ playing to my many loyal and new fans. The good old sounds of then and now just cannot keep them off the dance-floor.





Mr Sakthivel Nanjundan (Sakthi)

Coming from Singara-Chennai, the vibrant and multitalented RJ Sakthi commenced his journey on Tamil Cholai with a deep passion for the Tamil culture, language, tradition music and movies. As an experienced entertainer, Sakthi makes leisure fun for his listeners. His innate ability to add spice to all types of conversations on Masala Café blows the minds of many fans. Sakthi is frivolous one moment and serious the next making life on the airwaves an enjoyable experience. His ability to creatively capture the hearts on any topic from sports to kollywoood gossips is definitely enchanting!




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  • Presenters

    Mr Paul Bangar

    Mr Sakthivel Nanjundan (Sakthi)

    Ms Shreedevi Anand

    Dr Kabilan Krishnasamy (Producer)

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    Friday 08:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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