Despertar Hispano
(Iglesia Cristiana Jesus es el camino) Spanish

Morris and Daisy Velasquez the program’s producers were born in El Salvador, after a civil war they had to immigrate to Australia in 1990, they started to attend to the church Jesus is the way, which is integrated mainly with Spanish speaking people from all Latino America countries and Spain, and in 1993 they became the Senior Pastor of the church.

Morris and Daisy started as volunteer radio broadcast in 1998 with the Spanish program “Despertar Hispano” (Hispanic awakening) which goes live to air every Fridays from the studios of 95.3FM.  The program promotes the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ to help the families how to live a very good life, to each individual person how to become more close to God and became a good person through the teachings of the word of God, the Bible.

Despertar hispano is sponsored for the all members of Jesus es el camino Church, who are committed to bring the good news to any person who understand our beautiful Spanish language

Listen to Despertar hispano  and you will hear discussing about vary topics who really matters in our society to inspire your life, during our 18 years as a program we had interviewed many speakers locals and overseas.

Morris Who is the producer of the program and Daisy works together every Friday from 12:00M to 1:30PM on 6EBA FM 95.3. The program offers listeners a variety of program. Segments as:

- Nuestro pan diario (our daily bread)

- Un mensaje a la conciencia (A message to your heart)

- Cruzada con Luis Palau (Crusade wiht Luis Palau)

- Luis Palau Responde (Luis Palau answer your questions)

- Enfoque a la Familia (Focus in the family)

- Llamada de medianoche ( a call in the midnight)

- A variety of Christian music for all ages

- Health segments

- Community announcements

- Listeners request (birthday, songs, weeding’s, engagement)

Live on air every Friday 12:00M to 1:30PM

Tune in your radio to 6EBA FM 95.3 and listen to our program live with the team from perth and enjoy our music songs, the latest song and lots of interview

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