The World Of Art

Origin of World Of Art

Several years ago it was decided that the 6EBA 95.3FM should have an outreach programme for our many solely English speaking listeners, who, at that time and since then, mainly listened for the World Music from the various ethnic groups that are the mainstay of 6 EBA.  Peter Wadds Jeffery had been the Chair of the Multicultural Arts Centre and moved in artistic circles. He was approached to assist with the intended programme and we coined the title World of Art.

World of Art Team








Our current team of Arthur Gracias, Guido Nigro (Console Panel Operator), Charlotte Weber and self reflect our WORLD emphasis with our Indian, South African, Italian and Anglo-Irish nationalities and with earlier contributors, Indigenous, Maltese, Bosnian, and Vietnamese connections.

World of Art Content

ART is an all-embracing word that can cover elite genres such as Opera, Ballet, Drama, but also basic areas such as quilt-making, Cooking, Architecture and simple toy making.  Many cultures are noted for their unique artistic forms such as Turkich belly dancing, Indonesian Shadow Puppetry, and foreign cinema from serious Art film to entertaining Indian Bollywood. 

We cover all these genres because though they may initially be household crafts they all become disticntive Art in their highest creativity.  As the saying goes we are seeking UNITY in DIVERSITY and reflecting the Australian unity that comes from our multicultural diversity that makes 6EBA a premier community radio station.

In our range not only do we roam through all the ARTS and Crafts, but we favour the Regional as well as the City, the young and the old, and the minorities that need to be given a vice to articulate their identitites and basic needs.

Jazz, Blues and Beyond

World of Art are currently running musician, Arthur Gracia's forthnightly programme of JAZZ, BLUES and BEYOND which gives a comprehensive history of Jazz and through fusion melding both classical Indian Music and world Jazz.

Poetry, What's On in the Art-world?

We catch up on Poetry, What's on in the Art-world in Perth and regional Western Australian areas.  Charlotte Weber talk about the local repertory theatre news.  We also include special celebrations of multicultural festivals, the different New Years, Christmas and Easter, Australia Day, Harmony Week and Anzac Day.


We are also well know for our lengthy in depth interviews that give the Artists space to express themselves rather than disappear in a welter of sound-grabs.



it seems to be that the team of WORLD OF ART is an extremely talented one, what with Arthur Gracias [1]getting commissions from the United Nations,Charlotte Weber [2] with acting recognition and awards in LA, and the
recent convenorship for Guido Nigro concerned with the Italiancommunity and reaching overseas to Greece. And now it's Peter WaddsJeffery [3] turn with the announcement that he has won the NEMBC[NATIONAL ETHNIC and MULTICULTURAL BROADCASTING COMMITTEE award forOUTSTANDING VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR AWARD in Sydney.
6EBA nominated Peter for the award as he is now 81 and has producedWORLD OF ART over some 12 years and out of a potential pool of some 70stations and programmes, he reached the shortlist of three and thenwent on to winning the award. He believes that though the prize is foran individual that no-one in the media game can win such an award
without station backing and the hard work and active support of agifted team, and rather than let the plaque rest on his mantel pieceat home it should join the other trophies and commendations in thefoyer of 6 EBA to reflect and inspire the fact that the station withits many programmes relies basically on a huge volunteer force."

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