Our first dinner in
many years

After a great many years absence the MRTA Council held its first dinner dance function at the Alexander the
Great Function Hall on the 20th May 2017. In spite of the wet weather some 73 of the expected 88 broadcasters & guests
attended. Our guests were Kate Rowlands, OMI Manager Community Relations & Information; Paul Burnett,
Manager Bendigo Bank North Perth; Andrew Taylor, Computing Australia & John Morecombe our Technician & partners.


Dancers David Santalucia & Alizanne Finnemore entertained us with four exhibition dances Samba; Cha-Cha;
Rhumba & Jive on the dance floor. DJ Vic provided the music for the evening and played some Bhangra
dance music provided by our friends from the Sikh community which led to some great Bhangra dance moves on
the dance floor. Even the Station Manager participated, which is funny as he has two left feet and can’t dance!
This was followed by Greek; Bosnian and other national dance music. A great musical extravaganza was
provided for the evening. The MRTA has two remaining life members, Diane Popovich & Joyce Lutero. Joyce was unfortunately not able to attend, Diane was in attendance and was presented with a bouquet of white roses.

Chairman Gordon Stacey thanked the Social Committee for all their hard work and noted we will be holding
more such functions this year.