2008-11-15 11:26:59 WST By Station Manager

The McNair Ingenuity Community Radio Listenership Survey results were released earlier this month at Parliament House and showed an increase from 47% of Australians (aged 15+) listening to community radio every month in 2006, to 57% in 2008

The number of Australians listening to community radio has exploded, with 57 percent of Australians tuning in compared to 47 per cent only two years ago. Over nine and a half million people are now tuning in.

This 10 per cent rise in listenership, was revealed today in the 2008Community Radio National Listener Survey, conducted by McNair IngenuityResearch.

President of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia, Deborah Welch said the results were particularly strong because overall monthly radio listenership had levelled off in recent years.

"The number of people listening to community radio has increased by 10 per cent in the last two years, despite the number of people listening to all radio staying much the same.

The survey showed that many people are choosing to tune into their local community radio station for the localised content, specialist programs and Australian music that is on offer.

"We have a very high standard of community radio in Australia, and more people are tuning in to hear local content from real people from their community.

The number of community broadcasting services has doubled in the last 15 years, reaching over 350 stations by the early 2000's, but government funding has not kept pace.

"Community radio is playing a much more significant role in Australia's media landscape, but unfortunately funding is not keeping up with community demand," said Ms Welch.